Entertainment at PTA meetings

by - February 06, 2010

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I've never been to a PTA meeting since my kids started school. Frankly, I don't really have time for them and I don't have the time to be corralled into running a fundraiser or a school function. Soooo, I have just steered clear of them! (Church, Home and Work keep me plenty BUSY!) I just don't have time until...... the district decided to cancel the Accelerated Reader Program. Randy and I were hot and furious about this cut especially since it is a benchmark program at Kasuun that consistently turns out high grades for the school. Honestly, we think this is a program that should be funded and required by the Dept. of Education for all US schools. This program does so much more than just get your child to read! We firmly believe that if a child can read (read and comprehend words) then they will succeed and excel in all other areas of curriculum. So, I went to the PTA meeting where it was discussed what the school was going to do. All the kids wanted to go too. I don't know if it was out of curiosity or if they were mourning the death of a program they really love and enjoy! So, off we all went, to our very first PTA meeting!

All was going well especially when the PTA president reported that the school district has, for the time being, decided that Kasuun Elementary could keep the program but it had to be entirely funded by the PTA. As our children were combing the library shelves, we discussed the time, money and effort that would be required to keep the program going. The room was quiet, discussion circulated between parents and teachers, kids read books just a few steps away on the other side of the library shelving when, all of a sudden, Bailey decided to break the #1 rule of library etiquette with an all out, full blown scream! It's the kind of combination cry/scream when you beg your child to take a breath! I knew the moment I heard it that this was my child. I jumped up, ran around the shelves and found Riley carrying Bailey under her arm pits with his hand covering her head. I heard a teacher say, "She hit really hard." I knew I was well on my way to the ER when I lifted Riley's hand and found a one inch gash gaping open on her forehead between her eyes. Yep, I can work magic with butterfly enclosures but this would require a whole lot more!

Teachers are great! They had kleenex, ice and rides arranged for the kids before I could get my jacket on. I think they needed a little break from the "round table discussion" and Bailey surely provided that. If only they had some cookies and juice it would have been a perfect meeting!

Bailey endured a "nice" ER doc who definitely lacked in pediatric skill. He continually told her to stop crying, quit moving and to be a big girl. All the while, he papoosed her arms, draped her face and stitched her twice because the first set "just didn't look right". When all was said and done Bailey was an emotional wreck and dripping in sweat! What a big, brave girl I had! The doctor, on the other hand, should stick with geriatric patients!

So, here we are one day later! How'd it happen? Well, Britt said he accidentally tripped her and she fell against the leg of a computer desk. I think she is a bit proud of her "owie". The best part of the whole evening? Getting any slurpee she wanted from the corner mini-mart! That might just be the LAST PTA meeting the Hamilton's will attend!

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