by - December 30, 2010

Poetry has become more important to me lately. It's hard for me to find good poems, but when you do...it's like magic!

Some of my favorite poems
Theodore Roethke:
If only I could nudge you from this sleep,
My maimed darling, my skittery pigeon.
Over this damp grave I speak the words of my love:
I, with no rights in this matter,
Neither father nor lover.
Objects familiar to my view;
The very pathway to my door
Is an enchanted avenue.
Our eyes to heaven, if we are blind;
We see but what we have the gift
Of seeing; what we bring we find.

Elegy for Jane (http://gawow.com/roethke/poems/98.html)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
I look, but recognize no more
In vain we look, in vain uplift


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