My thoughts on Twilight

by - November 20, 2009

So, I'm really tired of trying to defend myself when people will walk up and say, "Oh, you're talking about Twilight..." So I'm going to vent here.

First of all, I shouldn't have to defend my likes or dislikes. I don't see people ganging up on the Harry Potter fans just because a lot of people like the series. Many would argue that Harry Potter is good, and Twilight just...isn't, but that's their opinion. Why can't I have my opinion and they can have theirs?

Another accusation of Twilight is that it takes the original idea of vampires and makes it into something that goes against everything that we thought vampires were. But, here's the deal, who is to say that vampires burn up in the sunlight or sleep in coffins? That is the traditional vampire, but the traditional wizards didn't have a lightning bolt scar now did they?

Now, I'm not saying that I agree with everything that Stephenie Meyer put into her books. For one thing, Edward being in Bella's room is kind of pushing the line. I also think the fourth book went into detail that probably shouldn't have been there. Also, Bella really needs to get her priorities in order and figure out that Edward isn't the only one in her life.

However, there were things that I did agree with. Despite what some of the people I know say, I think that the females in the Twilight saga are very strong. Edward is a vampire he's got the super-human strength, I wasn't expecting Bella to be stronger than him physically. Yes, she gives in to him, but that's because she loves him. Now, like I said, she needs to realize that he's not the only one in her life and isn't always right, but I think she's pretty good at making her own choices. (Plus, what would you expect from a girl who grew up taking care of her mom?)

Alice is probably one of the coolest females I have ever read about. She is the loving sister and best friend. She knows what she wants, and isn't blinded by love like Bella is. When she goes to Italy with Bella she leaves Jasper behind because she wants him to be safe. To me, that shows an amazing amount of courage. Plus, she's the bubbly person that makes everyone feel happy. I know I love those people to death and they are incredibly strong people, who know who they are.

Finally, it's a book, and I feel really weird even reading this far into it. I shouldn't have to explain why I like something. No, Stephenie Meyer is not the best writer. But personally, if the best writer in the world wrote a boring book, who would read it? Sometimes the amazing storytellers are the ones who capture your imagination.

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