Embarrassing Moments

by - March 10, 2010

My Aunt Laurel recently posted on her blog (By the way, it's hilarious, I definitely recommend it) that she wants to hear our embarrassing moments.

So..before I start. I want to tell a story about Aunt Laurel. It's a story that I absolutely love to this day.

If you know me, you know that I love Harry Potter. This sort of love is like "never missing a movie in theaters" love, or "staying up 'till three in the morning reading in third grade" love.

So, naturally when we were staying at their house, I was begging every last person there to take me to the movie that had just come out. Aunt Laurel obliged, and I was ecstatic. I've always liked her and she's one of the funnest people to be around.

The movie was still fairly new in theaters, so when we were hunting for seats...well, there just were none! Suddenly Aunt Laurel seemed to take on a determined air, and her voice rose above the others in the theater.

"Can we get two seats? Just two...Hey folks, could we scoot down a bit? All we need are two..."

Now, any normal pre-teen would probably grow beet red and hide somewhere, but I wasn't the normal pre-teen. At first I was probably just shocked, but after a couple seconds, I think I just started grinning. "That's my aunt, Ladies and Gentlemen!"

I love my Aunt Laurel, so I probably am only doing this for her. Alright...here we go.

Now, I'm still pretty young, so I haven't had that many embarrassing moments...yet. But, when I do get embarrassed, it's bad. I either go so beet red you can't believe I'm not a tomato, or everyone says I look like a ghost. The only good thing, is that afterwords, I don't care. After the initial shock, I pretty much just erase it from my memory. (I think it's something that I learned from my dad.)

There are a couple occasions that are exceptions. For example, I will NEVER go back to a certain beach in Mexico because I almost drowned. Well, I'm still here, of course, but the poor guy who pulled me out of the current got teased mercilessly for even touching a girl's hand. Up and down the beach were cat calls from all his friends...uh, I shudder just thinking about it. I'm just glad mom and dad weren't actually down in the water to see it. I think the teasing from mom will be enough after she reads this.

Oh, and my friend Chandler and Tristan are still paying for what they did to me last September. My birthday usually falls on a school day, and there are perks. All my friends are there to shower me in presents and decorate my locker. Overall, they just make my day special.

Well, somehow the thought entered their minds that it would be great if our entire U.S. History class should sing to me. I can't remember who held me back and who asked Mrs.M if we could sing, but they both did their jobs well...

I think I've had enough embarrassing moment recalls to last another week so... see ya later.

Oh, and always remember...NEVER swim too far out on a beach in Mexico!

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