The Power of Senses

by - September 18, 2009

It's amazing how the sense of smell can trigger your memories. Both good and bad. For example, whenever I taste a certain type of antibiotics, I remember back about ten years ago. I had to take this antibiotic for the kidney infection that I could have died from when I was born. I had to take that medicine until I was about four years old. (In my memory at least; My mom might say differently) To this day that antibiotic is really yummy.

Another example might be my sense of hearing. When I hear certain songs that were a part of my childhood, I tend to start giggling and sing along. Some examples might include The Apples and Banana song that Barney used to sing, or Something Good About Myself by Janice Kapp Perry.

Today I had an interesting, bitter-sweet run in with my sense of smell.

Try to imagine, if you will, a packed eighth grade lunchroom. It's Friday, so the Cafeteria is handing out pizza from Papa John's and everyone is enjoying the break from learning. So, one of my best friends (who shall remain nameless) is well known for his collection of cologne. Our running joke is that he probably has more cologne than us girls have perfume.

Now, imagine me, Kaylin. You've all seen me, so you'll do well with this part. Today I'm in my Friday mode. Sweats, sweater, and ponytail.

(You may think this is going off topic, but bear with me, it applies)

It's weird how we take people for granted when there a room away, always available when we need them. Now, it's true, the particular person I'm thinking of didn't always enjoy talking to me, in fact, we were often the one's at each other's throat in the family. Older "brothers" can be so annoying, but when they go off to collage to study calculus, you miss them.

My best friend was wearing Abrocrombie and Fitch cologne today. I noticed right away because there's only one other person I know who wore that cologne, even though he hates Abrocrombie and Fitch and only makes one trip per year there to buy said cologne.

I wonder if "For-For" will come back home in time to tease me about dating and interrogate boys when they call. I don't know when he's coming back, but if I don't have my stand in older brother here to do those things for me, then I don't know who else will.

You see, I'll never really be the oldest in the family. That position is filled. Now I don't know what that makes my mom (maybe my older sister/mom/best friend) but Forrest, man you have got to get married and come home. Please.

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