Adventures in Europe (Day 13)

by - August 14, 2010

August 14, 2010
Our last day was one of the perfect endings. We stayed close to home, and went shopping in downtown Bamberg. We ate food from the market there and slurped granitas (slurpies, but different).

We had dinner at a beer garden down the street from Lizzy's house. I got a tuna salad that was heavenly. Lizzy's neighbor Jason, his girlfriend and his little girl came with us. They were really nice people. He gave Jayden and I blow pops for ourselves and some for the boys and Bailey when we get home.

Speaking of gifts, Jayden's been looking all over for his. He's gotten T-Shirts, hats, glass...all sorts of stuff. He's amazing with stuff like that.

Me? I got candy. Hopefully they'll like it! They have an amazing gummy bear shop that even I like (and I don't like gummy bears).

We're going home tomorrow. I'm sad, but excited too.

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