Adventures in Europe (Day 14)

by - August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010

Two weeks. That's how long I had for an adventure of a lifetime.

Guess what? It was worth every penny.

Guess what else? It's over now, but hopefully I'll remember some of the best parts whenever I read my "adventures" series.

Saying goodbye to Lizzy was harder after the fact. We said goodbye, and that was it, but now I miss her...a lot! We've gotten to know her so much better now. She's going to be an amazing mom someday!

Well, there's nothing much to say about the plane ride, it was boring. But we did see a rainbow from above. There's another chance of a lifetime.

I want to remember every second of this trip. All the laughter, food, smells, sounds, feelings...

It was definitely an amazing chance.

In fact, it was the chance of a lifetime.

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