Adventures in Europe (Day 4)

by - August 05, 2010

August 5, 2010
Okay, so I'm going to get just a tad bit girly for a minute. Bear with me...

There is an Italian designer by the name of Nicoli. He designs handbags. One thing you might not know about Italians, is that they are very into "seasons". Not seasons like winter or spring, but fashion seasons. If you are one of the lucky few American's that know where the Nicoli warehouse is, you can buy handbags, wallets, etc. for about half off of what they sold for just months earlier. My birthday is coming up, and Aunt Lizzy surprised me and told me I could pick one out! It's gray, soft, and real Italian leather! :)

After buying a ton of purses (Lizzy's friends all put in their orders), we went to two ceramic warehouses. They ship their ceramics all over the world. I got a cute little black and white jewelry box.

And now for my favorite part. I've been itching to tell you this story. One day I'm going to write a book about it, so don't even think about doing it before me! :P

There is a castle in Marostica (a province of Vicenza, Italy) where lies a giant chess board. The legend states that the board was used for a single purpose: To determine who would marry Lionora, daughter of the Lord of Marostica's Castle. Instead of having the two contenders duel, Lionora's father decided that the winner of a game of chess would have Lionora to wife, while the loser would have her sister, Oldrada.

But of course, there is always a twist. Lionora was in love with Vieri, one of the Knights contending for her hand. The other, Rinaldo, couldn't win. Not when it was Vieri she wanted to marry.

Guess who won?

The giant chess board sits below the outer walls of the castle. Some say that the legend was the invention of Mirko Vucetich, an author in 1454. Others say that it really happened. Royals flocked to see the two Knights fight for Lionora's hand. Me? I hope it's true! We all want to know that true love overcomes, right?

(Yes, Vieri won. But I'm sure that Rinaldo and Lionora were very happy together.)


P.S. We also went to a vineyard in Vicenza. But you can probably imagine how boring that is to an under aged minor who's family doesn't drink anyway!

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